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11. If you are being paid to assist or if you regularly assist a number of different people as

a McKenzie Friend then you should make the Court aware of that.

12. The Guidance makes clear that you may provide moral support, take notes, help with

case papers and give advice to the person you are assisting.

13. Normally the person you are assisting will be the one to speak to the Judge. But if that

person cannot manage, the Judge may let you speak instead.


14. You must always follow any instructions given by the Judge.

15. If the Judge asks the person you are assisting to do something, please encourage them

to do it, and remind them of any deadlines.

16. You should be courteous at all times to everyone else.

17. You should try to ensure that the way in which you assist does not cause any

disruption or distract others. This is particularly important when someone else is

speaking to the Judge or the Judge is speaking.

18. You must behave with honesty and not do anything that might mislead the Court or

anyone else.

19. You should consider at regular points whether the person you are assisting might also

be helped by attending a Citizens Advice Bureau, Law Centre or Personal Support

Unit. If you conclude that they might, you should give genuine and conscientious

consideration to encouraging the person you are assisting to seek that further help. If

may be very helpful if you go with them.

20. Please remember at all times that you are there to assist someone else, and not on your

own behalf.